Why Are Handbags so Important, and What Can They Tell About You?

Handbags have always been considered a fashion statement for women. Leather handbags can make or break your style so you have to be very careful while choosing one. Handbags can also provide a major storage source for women’s essential items whether it’s cosmetics, money, or cell phones. You can carry all your important belongings in your stylish leather bag. But do you know that different handbags depict your personality in a different way? Well yes, handbags tell a lot about your style and personality. Just by looking at your bag, people can assume a lot of things about you!

Tote Bag

If you carry a tote bag then we can easily consider you as someone who is opinionated and steadfast. Because tote bag lovers usually carry all that is needed to accomplish their goals. They are popular as being the most organized person with incredible fashion sense. Well if you are a tote bag lover and want to get a tote bag that can perfectly match your style then Bond & Mason’s bags can be the right place for you to shop!

Cross-body Bag

For someone who carries a cross-body bag, we can easily say that person is a “minimalist fashionista”. Because cross-body bags are a perfect choice to keep all the basic necessities. An amazing pick for those who are not a fan of carrying a million products. 


Clutches are the original style of party lovers who want to add glimmer to their dresses. Bond & Mason’s has a wide collection of highly embellished clutches with perfect storage space for necessary items. These hard-shell clutches can go perfectly well with little dresses that will make you stand out at a party. 

Shoulder bag

As it is said that “Your bag is the symbol of your status”. For someone who is a huge fan of pretty shoulder bags they definitely like to be a fashion icon. They love it when people are impressed with their fashion choice and compliment them.

So if you really want to get a bag that matches your personality then go and check out the Bond & Mason’s online store. All the bags are available at up to 70% off. So why not grab a new bag and add it to your bag collection?