How to Choose the Perfect “Everyday” Handbag

Choosing the perfect everyday handbag is no small task! You need to find something that will work for almost any occasion and outfit. Before you launch your search into the deep web of handbags, here are some tips and essentials to look out for!

Sturdy Material

If you’re planning on using a handbag every day, it’s bound to withstand some abuse. Because of this, it’s important to find a handbag made of a high-quality sturdy material. The best of which being vegan leather. Vegan leather handbags bring the best of both worlds. They are sturdy and stylish like regular leather handbags, without all the upkeep of maintaining a leather
accessory (also yay saving animals!).


The size and shape of your everyday handbag are very important factors to keep in mind. Are you a take everything you own to the grocery store kind of person? Maybe consider a large handbag like a tote. Would you go a whole night out with just your phone and credit card? Then you’d do fine with a small clutch!


To best compliment your body, the general rule for choosing the shape of your everyday handbag is to find something with the opposite lines of your body. For example, if you’re a more angular muscular build, choose a soft rounded everyday handbag. This provides a visually pleasing contrast between you and the bag, which compliments both elements.

Strap Type

Choosing strap type is equally a contest of comfort and style. Opting for a cross body bag, backpack, belt bag, or shoulder bag is great because it allows you to be hands-free when on the go, but wristlets, clutches, and baguette bags add a touch of sophistication to every look.


Finding a bag with a sufficient number of inner compartments is key to being organized and optimized. Nothing is worse than waiting to pay for something and holding up the whole line because your wallet got lost at the bottom of your bag. Having different sized inner compartments help keep all your items arranged in an easily accessible way.


Your personal wardrobe style has a huge part in choosing the style of your handbag. If you’re a get dressed up for the office type, finding an elegant, structured handbag will be essential. Whereas if you live most of your days in jeans and a tee, choose a slouchy understated handbag to match your laid-back style.