5 Tips to Keep your Handbag in Optimal Condition

Whether it’s a leather handbag, clutch, or wallet, everyone wants to keep their luxurious pieces as good as new. You don’t want your most treasured item to lose its appearance in the long run. From handbags to wallets, all these leather goods need your precious time for maintenance. Bond & Mason’s vegan leather handbags require minimal maintenance, but if you use these luxurious handbags without any care they may start showing damage. This is why we decided to give you 5 simple tips & tricks to keep your bag as good as new! 

1. Use cleaning products

You may find it surprising but multiple products in the market can be used to clean your handbags. These products usually come in the form of sprays that leaves a lustrous finish on your leather bag. Apparently, people wipe these liquids with brushes that have hard bristles (to remove stains) but actually, soft bristles can do a better job.

2. Avoid Overfilling

Most of the time women use their leather handbags to stuff all unnecessary material because leather has very fine stretching quality. But unfortunately, it leads to the annihilation of its normal silhouette. It in turn leads to permanent creases even on the very fine leather. 

3. Maintain its shape

Most women leave their leather bags unattended after using them. This is another cause that ruins the shape of your precious leather bag. In order to avoid this damage, you can stuff your handbag with soft clothing so that its original shape is maintained. 

4. Use pouch while traveling

If you are carrying skincare or make-up products while traveling, make sure that you use an extra pouch to put it in your leather bag. Because spilling of liquid product can cause serious damage to the interior of your handbag. 

5. Protect with dust bags

Quality handbags usually come with dust bags for extra protection. So you just have to wrap your leather bag in a dust bag before storing it on your shelf.

These were a few important tips and tricks to keep your handbags safe. You can definitely maintain the worth of your leather bags by following these tips and tricks. If you have your own tips about how to keep your bags in excellent condition please let us know and we might feature them in our blog!